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  • King of My Heart – Mercy Winter


    Beauty for ashes
    Victory for defeat
    Transformed and translated
    Into the kingdom of light
    I am forgiven
    No more condemnation
    Jesus you did it
    You’re the King of my heart

    No one can, no one could
    Do the things You, You do for me
    No-one would, no one could
    Put my fragments together again
    You are the rebuilder
    You are crowned champion of love
    Life changer, sustainer
    Lord I crown You, King of my Heart

    You took my dark past
    Made all my wrongs right
    When all my faults, Lord
    Your mercy saw my plight
    You saw the king and the beauty
    In the beast and the empty
    Jesus, You did it
    You’re the king of my heart.

    Repeat CH


    Rebuilder, Soul mender
    Redeemer, Risen King 2x

    You reign
    Lord, I crown you
    King of my Heart.

  • Olorunmi By Chris

  • AMEN By Chris Heaven

  • Burst_Ma_Brain By ClintonFlames